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IMT Story

The IMT Story.

Founded in 1914 as Ingersoll Machine & Tool, IMT started small, with a humble factory initially meant for soap production. From these modest beginnings emerged a century-long journey characterized by passion, grit, innovation, and a commitment to growth.

In its early years, IMT specialized in crafting steering gear assemblies for marine and automotive industries. By the 1930s, it had become the leading supplier of steering gear assemblies for several leaders in Canadian automobile manufacturing such as Ford, Mercury, Dodge, and Chrysler.

Fueled by its success, IMT expanded rapidly. In 1947, it went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, marking a significant milestone. Later, in 1970, Ivaco acquired a majority stake, leading to substantial expansion.

In 1981, IMT secured a landmark federal contract for large-caliber ammunition shell production, propelling further growth and enabling key acquisitions. By 2020 the Hacking family took full ownership of IMT.

Building the Future.

IMT History

Throughout its evolution, IMT has innovated and diversified, positioning itself as a global leader in transportation, OEM, and Defense sectors.

With a legacy of resilience and accomplishment spanning a century, IMT remains committed to building the future through advanced manufacturing.